Christian Fellowship Hospital

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Sweden- Dr.Per Ola

Per-OlaLearning a lot medical and saw a lot of cases I’ve never seen before/would rarely see in Sweden. The overall experience of staying in India and Tamil Nadu with the culture, food and people was exciting! The best and most powerful impact was however, being able to see the fellowship and how compassionately people here serve-God and people. Both in the hospital and in chapel and in church!

UK- David Bourne

Got better confidence in examination skills and knowing what to look for and being accustomed to various respiratory finding, cardiac and gastrointestinal findings. Knowledge also gained about a variety of conditions and their management. Got an insight into what it is to be part of the kingdom of God.

Singapore- Wei Wen

WeiwenGot exposure to cases that I had never seen in Singapore, such as snake bits, poisoning etc. Learned from consultants to diagnose conditions based on clinical judgement and how to practice medicine with limited resources. Learned a lot through morning devotions and bible studies.


Germany- Judith Mueller

Judith Mueller

It was a positive experience such a well-run and well organized hospital where excellent medical care is provided. I discovered good medical treatment can be administered in a much cheaper manner. This gave me the possibility to find out about Indian people-their life & culture. I appreciate the good atmosphere on the campus- the whole staff like one big family, connected through their daily work and through Christian faith!