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Spiritual Activities

You are welcome to join us in the daily morning chapel services (7.35 AM), weekly Bible Studies and the Sunday Evening Chapel Service at 6.30 P.M. 


The most pleasant time in Oddanchatram is from August to March when temperatures vary between 28C to 32C (although night temperatures particularly in September to January could drop to 18 C).   April to July is quite warm with temperatures reaching upto 30°C – 38°C.  You would need to drink lots of water while you are here to keep up with the insensible fluid loss.


Electives need to take Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, typhoid vaccination, BCG vaccination.  Oddanchatram is not an endemic for malaria and prophylaxis is not essential unless you are traveling to other areas in India.  If prophylaxis is desired, chloro-quine is adequate.  Advice and treatment following a possible sharp or splash injury can be obtained from the concerned doctor in our hospital.  HIV post-exposure prophylaxis is available in the hospital.  Tridot & Elisa test are done here.


Water is conserved, so, please do not waste it!

Drinking water is available from the Doctor’s mess that is safe.

You can also buy water in bottles or cans from shops outside. BISMI STORE is recommended.


Doctor’s mess food is safe.

Packed and sealed foods from the shops outside are generally safe.

Fruits are safe but not fruit juices as they are mixed with water/ice.


International and country wide calls can be made from booths outside.

Calls can be received from outside to the hospital phones. The numbers are 0091(India), 4553(Oddanchatram), 240983/241226/241379 and then the caller should ask for the extension number you would be at.

Internet facility with Skype is available in the hospital and at a few places outside the hospital (where you can even connect your own laptop).

Local SIM cards cannot be bought here even with adequate identity proof. Please make sure to bring phones that have an international roaming in India or just use Skype.

Buying Items

Always look for the initials MRP that means Maximum Retail Price.  This is the maximum price the seller can charge for the product.  Do not pay any more than that.

Ask any other hospital staff before you buy things as they can tell you the best places to get particular items.

Reliable Shops

Bismi store, which is situated opposite the hospital gate, in an alley with other shops, 3 shops down from Joseph Medicals.  He stocks toiletries including toilet paper, stationery and food items including jam and cheese.  If he does not have it he can generally get it for you.

Tea shop (chai kada as we call it) next to Joseph Medicals also has toiletries, stationery and food.

Fruits – from anywhere, preferably not cut.


There is a post office on the campus right next to the main gate.

There are nationalized banks with ATM’s which accept all major debit cards.  Changing traveler’s cheques cannot be done in Oddanchatram.

Please carry sufficient Indian Rupees with you (all conversions should be a done at metro cities that you fly into)