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Medical Missions in India is an area where there is great need. Though India is the world’s highest producer of Health Professionals, the 300 odd mission hospitals of India are constantly at the verge of closure due to the dearth of committed doctors and nurses.

In this scenario CFH receives the “Macedonian Call”, from many mission hospitals all over India especially the ones located in North India. Christian Fellowship Hospital believes in the Biblical Principal of “Give, you shall receive”. Though we are not in abundance of doctors & nurses ourselves, we send doctors & nurses to various mission hospitals including the Emmanuel Hospital Association run hospitals in Northern India and further to extend our boundaries to the John Bishop Memorial Hospital, Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir,etc.

Infact it is a mutual blessing as our staff get an opportunity to see the greater need of North India-As a result of this, there are atleast 30-40 mission hospitals in North & North East India where our Alumni are holding various responsible positions and doing a terrific job.