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Annual Newsletter-2015

      If you has strolled by the chapel any time after 7 pm in the past two months you would have heard the melodious strains of Christmas carols wafting across the cold night sky as Dr. Susheel worked with many students and staff, some who have never sung in a choir before.  Christmas is a joyous time of celebration and thanking God, for God’s greatest gift to mankind… the Lord Jesus Christ.  With the daily news of wars, folds and natural calamities we constantly are surrounded by gloom and despair the season of Christmas brings hope and peace when we thank God for Jesus and what He means to us.  At this year end when we look back and evaluate the past year, we also look with anticipation into the year ahead.  As the Psalmist says: what shall I return to the Lord for all the goodness he has shown to me?  I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord; we too want to thank God for His goodness towards us.

      We are happy to connect with you through this newsletter; many of you who have been part of our story here at Oddanchatram at some time of your lives.  As you go through this newsletter this newsletter, remember the on-going work and ministry here and uphold us in your prayers.

The Fellowship:

We praise God for the presence of our senior members who continue to guide and show the way by their life and example.  Dr. Kuruvilla Varkey and Susan Kuruvilla are keeping well and have taken up the roles of ‘father and mother’ of the institution.  This year both of them celebrated their 75th birthdays! May the Lord continue to preserve them for His kingdom.

One of the matters for praise is the way Dr. P.K. David has shown unexpected and unbelievable improvement having been treated for Parkinson’s disease; he had difficulty in moving and used to fall frequently.  Few days before the Annual Fellowship Meeting in the end of July, he became better and was able to attend most of the sessions with us.  Dr. David and Dr. Elizabeth David continue to be an inspiration and source of strength for us.

Dr. Annie Jacob is being taken care of by the community after her accident thirteen years ago.  Dr. K.O. John has been a blessing to many as he conducts Life Revision Seminars (LRS) far and near.  Dr. Mary John accompanies him from time to time and supports him in this ministry.

We are so grateful to God for the way many seniors in the fellowship have being involved in spheres beyond ODC.  They are involved in ministries like the LRS, Marriage Enrichment Seminars, Inner healing meetings, Person to Person counseling, supporting other mission hospitals and organizations, like the EMFI, MUT etc., and teaching clinical medicine.  This year both Drs. Paul and Latha and Drs. Thomas and Sleeby became proud grandparents.  Dr. Paul is in China teaching medical students for a period of 3 months at the Three Gorges University, Hubei Province.  Praise God for the new members who have joined the fellowship over the past 3 years as they begin to shoulder responsibilities and carry on the work into the next decade.

Drs. Leni and Celin are on leave due to their children’s education.  Dr. Leni’s father passed away at the 89 on 3rd of June in their home.  Dr. Leni comes every month for 1-2 days to conduct nephrology clinics.  Drs. Cijoy and Ancy also are on leave as Dr. Ancy has been selected for a MS programme in Ophthalmology in CMCH, Vellore.

Do continue to pray for the Fellowship that we will serve the people sent to us and around us.  We need to be constantly reminded of the simplicity and sacrifice of our founders and it is our hope that our Fellowship will grow more robust and be Christ-like in all its interactions. 



  1. Founder’s day: A public meeting was conducted on January 10th where friends of CFH and prominent members from the town were invited.  Those who completed 25 years of service were appreciated and honored.
  2. Pachalur camp: Two 3 day camps for medical students are held in Pachalur organized by the EMFI with all logistic support from CFH in April and August every year. This year about 250 medicos from various medical colleges in Tamil Nadu attended this camp.
  3. Inter-Ashram Fellowship Meeting was held in Christian Hospital, Ambilikai for 3 days in September. About 30 members from more than 10 ashrams had come.  This was a blessed time to listen to the reports and to renew our fellowship with one another.
  4. Voluntary Blood donation day: This was organized by the staff of the Laboratory services and Blood bank of our hospital on October1. A public meeting was held and 400 students from about 10 educational institutions participated in a rally in Oddanchatram.
  5. Community health department initiatives: Beside the regular school health programmes and the urban and rural clinics which the  community department runs, several special programmes were put up in the peripheral clinics.

                 World TB day (March 24th )

                Alcohol and alcohol awareness ( April 24th)

                Clean environment and hazards of pollution ( June)

                No smoking day and effects of smoking (August 15th)

               World diabetes day (Nov 14th)

               World disability day (Dec 3rd )

  1. Practicum on adolescent Health: On 28 November a special programme on Adolescent health was conducted for adolescent children and their parents in partnership with shanti Ashram Coimbatore through the aegis of Keithan Sathya Trust.
  1. Work with the disabled. We have been appreciated by the government about our work with the disabled and their rehabilitation under the BDMRFA (Block Disability Mitigation and Rehabilitation Facilitation Agency) and among many NGOs working in this area we have been asked to continue this work for one more year.
  2. The Annual Fellowship Meeting: Presently The Christian Fellowship has 23 members who meet weekly for a time of prayer and business.  This year the AFM was held for 3 days from July 31st to Aug 2nd.  We have been privileged to have Dr.Jocob Chacko and his wife Bharati, Drs. Isaac and Prassana Jebaraj and Dr. Johny C. Oommen who brought us fresh insights and challenged us to look forward in the coming years.  They provided valuable suggestions and comments as they reviewed our activities.  We remember with much sadness the recent home call for Rev. A.C. Oommen on December who was an advisor to the Fellowship for many years.  He not only was an advisor but was a mentor, Friend and guide to the Fellowship.  We are privileged for the time he spent with us was a resident chaplain for about a decade. 

Praise God for:

  • We gratefully remember our senior staff who have retired after many years of service. They include Mr. Veluchamy.S (Community health Department)  Suhirthabala (Office), Mr. Chandrasekar .A (Office) and Ms. Prakasamani (Grihini Teacher)
  • We have received abundant rains since the past 3 weeks as never before and now we are able to provide water to the hospital and campus for 24 hours a day (after a period of 3 years).
  • We are grateful for the services of Drs. Roshen George Varghese MS (Surgery) and Sherin Mathew, MS, (Anatomy) who came this year and worked till recently for 7 months.
  • Thank God for Drs. Fred Oomen and Lizzy Oommen who have returned after 2 years. Their presence has been a help in the Department of Surgery and Medicine.
  • John Jacob and Sherin John with their family have re-jointed after being in CMC, Vellore for the past 2 years.
  • We welcome Drs. Vimal Abraham MD, (Med), Christie MS(ENT) and their family who joined our hospital this February.
  • We want to thank Drs. Alexander Thomas and Rebeca, who retired and left our campus after working with us for 13 years.
  • We are thankful to the Christian Fellowhip Amblikai for releasing Dr. Smitha, MD (Anaesthesia) every Friday to help out in the OT.
  • The recovery of Mr. John antonisany (Pastor Raju) husband of Mrs. Rajamma who had a bad head injury after a RTA 3 months ago.

Over the past many months several of our departments are understaffed and at times stretched to a limit.  There remains an acute need of consultants especially in the departments of Paediatrics, Obst and Gynae, Anaesthesia, Opthalmology and Medicine.  Continue to pray that the Lord will send ‘Labourers to the field’


We want to remember the bereaved families of Sr. Shanthi (OT) Vasuki (OG opd) who lost their loved ones and Thangamma (Mess) who passed away this year.  May the Lord continue to give much comfort to these families and console them.


  • New equipment for the ICUs (Echo machines, multi- parameter monitors, infusion pumps, Ventilators)
  • The diabetic clinic was upgraded with the acquisition of a pulse Doppler cum biosthesiometer. This year provision to provide MCR foot wear to diabetic patients was initiated.
  • Ablation therapy on 9 patients with varicose veins done by a team of surgeons led by Dr.Albert Abhinay Kota from CMC, Vellore.
  • Upgraded pulmonary function software.
  • New ENT OPD block with cubicles & an expanded and renovated Psychiatry OPD


This year 9 doctors and 3 technicians were deputed to different mission hospitals in North India for short periods of time.


The second half of the year is the most enjoyable period, which comes just before the Christmas season.  All the staff and students were divided into 4 teams and sports & games and a Bible and sports Quiz were conducted amongst them.  We are grateful to Dr. Alex and Mrs. Hannah Alex who have been involved with the spiritual nurture of the staff and students.


For Nurses and Paramedical courses:

We continue to run 3 year CMAI/TNC approved GNM Nursing course and CMAI accredited Medical records, X-ray technician, and Medical Laboratory technology courses.  There is also a one year Nurse Anaesthesia Assistant training programme which is being run by the Department of Anaesthesia. 

PG courses for doctors:    Our hospital is recognized by the National Board (DNB) to train doctors in the disciplines of Family Medicine and General Medicine.   We also run a MDGP (General Practice) course which is affiliated to the Tribhuvan University, Nepal.  We are a center for the M.Med training (organized by CMC, Vellore) where doctors come for their contact programmes.

Continuing Nursing Education:

The school of Nursing and the Nursing service conducted 2 major CNE programmes this year.  On 27 January, a state conference on “Hospital acquired infection& Health care provider role in prevention and personal safety”.  235 delegates from 27 institutes participated in this CNE.  A month later on February 21st another CNE programme on Advanced nursing skills in  primary Health care was conducted where 370 delegates from 45 institutions participated.

Boys Home and sadhuji home:

There are 16 boys are being taken for and send to the local school.  The Sadhuji home has 4 inmates being looked after by one caretaker.

Challenges for 2016:

  1. At present we are seeking accreditation (entry level) with the NABH. With the setting up of various committees, the main coordinators with the administration are tirelessly working towards this goal.
  2. Expanding the OP area. More OP area is being made available as the office and Administration block, are moving up by on floor.
  3. To continue to remain relevant and provide high quality health care which is affordable and easily accessible to the poor and marginalized.
  4. Liaisoning with other mission hospitals and supporting the mission network.
  5. Starting up 2-3 new centers in the surrounding villages every year which will provide basis health care and contact with the local community.

Our desire for Christian fellowship, Oddanchatram is that it may be and become an authentic  healing community which truly reflects the character and life of Jesus Christ.  May generations of people, especially the young come here and genuinely encounter Jesus with a refreshing reality and clarity and commit themselves to follow him and seek His kingdom.

We pray that the Lord be with you this season as you remember his advent.  May you be ready for His Second coming as we live in the last times.

Christian Fellowship,


Phone: 04553-2240226 / 241226/240983

E:Mail: [email protected]


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