Christian Fellowship Hospital

Serving the Community Since 1955..

Boarding and Lodging


The hostel block built as a distinct structure in the whole of the campus, is a home away from home for female students. The hostel provides excellent living rooms, recreation facilities, sanitary facilities and good water supply for 24 hours.


All students are expected to stay in the hostel which is inside the campus. Students residing in the hostel are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel and are accountable to the warden.


Student Mess Hall

All the student nurses who reside in the hostel will dine in the student nurses mess. We provide excellent high quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian food which is not only nutritious but also very safe.


All the students are expected to follow the discipline and the rules and regulations of the College and the hostel. Violations will be strictly dealt with and may amount to dismissal from the course.


Student Nurses are to be in their provided uniforms during all Class and Clinical Hours. At all other times, inside and outside the hostel premises they are expected to dress modestly.


Ragging is not acceptable behaviour on the campus of the Christian Fellowship Hospital. It is illegal to commit or participate in ragging.   Strict action will be taken with all instancesof ragging even to the expulsion of the student from the institution. Complaints shall be directed to the Principal/Anti- ragging committee, Contact No.04553-240319/+91 8940351955